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Yoga & Bodywork

I've been practicing and living yoga for over 16 years now. Yoga is part of me as I am part of yoga. My practice and what I share (teach) is how to go from challenging to smart. And that Yoga is not a practice to empower us; it rather helps us to surrender our sense of self so we can transcend and live truthfully with a smart heart and a kind mind.

Regarding my massage practice, I combine the Ayurvedic Marma Point Massage with my medical knowledge. The Marma Point Massage is an ancient technique, and has proven to be very helpful to people. A muscle is the soldier of the body, it just follows orders. So in order to treat a muscle it's elementary to first free the nerve and blood supply, the origin and insertion and the connective tissue. Therefore, combining Osteopathy with massage, the therapy becomes more accurate and more beneficial for the patient

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