Eduardo Hernandez is a passionate and caring Osteopath with an on-going study on Functional Integrative Medicine such as PNI (Psychoneuroimmunology). He got his degree from the worldwide renamed school Escuela de Osteopatia de Madrid, Spain. And, He is a Puerto Vallarta native who has been sharing his work and service in the bay and arounds for 9 years. 


During his travelings to Canada, The United States, Europe and Mexico, people who has been searching to heal and to learn has tremendously benefited from his work, caring and knowledge.

Being an Osteopath and a Functional Integreative practitioner is enormously satisfying – it presents me with new challenges each week, as every person comes with an individual set of circumstances which result in that person being that way at that time – so each patient’s problem is a conundrum that needs to be carefully worked out.  It’s wonderful to see the relief that treatment can bring to someone in pain.

To help ensure the best results, Osteopath Eduardo provides slightly longer than average appointment times, in the region of 60-75 minutes, to allow for a thorough and comprehensive evaluation and treatment. This means that Osteopath Eduardo can plan an appropriate management plan to help you restore full health and function.

Osteopath Eduardo Hernández C.O.