Focused on YOU!

It’s with great pleasure and gratitude that I greet and welcome you . It is my intention to share, inspire and support you to live a natural life that is compatible with modern living. 

You'll find a personalize an integrative approach to recover your health from chronic pain, inflammation, trauma/surgery, stress, nutrition and so much more. I will help you and guide you to be aware, to break down and get rid of old and/or recent patterns that are affecting your life and health.


Making the difference

As another human being and Osteopath, I care about your integrity and your overall health.

I don´t base the therapy in just treating your symptom area. Therefore, I analyzed which structures/tissues of your body and life are disrupting your health.

The right diagnosis leads to the right treatment. For solutions that fully optimize your health you got to give context by asking WHY, WHEN and HOW... on how things evolved to lead to the current state of dis-ease... and addressing that just as much as the presenting disease to achieve more sustainable results.

Who is it for?

Patients include people of any age, from babies through to the elderly and treatment is helpful for people in any situation...

What is it?

An Integrative Medicine of assessing, diagnosing, treating and preventing a wide range of medical conditions and health problems...


  •  Spine and Joint manipulation

  • Visceral mobilization and Cranial-sacral therapy

  • Fascia release

  • Functional therapy and Psychosomatic release

  • Lifestyle and nutrition  

Functional Integrative Medicine

Osteopathic Medicine and Psychoneuroimmunology, are a patient centered science that studies the interactions and biomechanics connections between structure and function, the relationships between nervous and immune systems, psychosocial and life environment, lifestyle and stress. PNI studies; among other things, the physiological functioning of the neuroimmune system in health and disease; disorders of the neuroimmune system (autoimmune diseases, immune deficiency) and their influences in health and disease.


Dr. Hernandez (Lalo)is very knowledgeable and compassionate.
I was experiencing challenges for months after a concussion. Lalo took care of me during 3 sessions. I felt great improvement in my balance, and pressure behind my forehead within hours. I just kept getting better after that! He listens, massages amazingly, and freely shares natural health tips that are for your lifestyle, and needs.
I cannot say enough good things about his attitude for healing.

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Osteopath Eduardo Hernández C.O.